Shipping Info Policy

We finalize your customize design within 24 hours of ordering it just in case you'll change your mind for the design that you want. Our warehouse normally processes all orders within 3-5days. However, if your order is taking a longer time to process, it could be due to particular items in your order which have longer than normal processing times.

We sometimes do partial shipping to help you receive certain items from your order faster. While most items can be processed within 3-5 days, some items may have longer processing time for various reasons including, for example, being in different warehouses.

Your order may also be divided into two or more packages.

We know you're excited to get your order through and so are we! If your order arrives late, we will issue a $5 credit to your account as a small sign of appreciation for your patience.

If you have any more questions about our shipping policy contact us at